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Eco-conscious Hemp textile solutions for sophisticated nomadic lifestyle

Specially crafted for boats, motorhomes, eco-hotels and country houses.

Why makuu™ Hemp Textiles?

anti-bacterial hemp textile


Naturally resists bacterial growth and breathes excellently, preventing odours



It keeps you warm when it's cool and cool when it's hot, protects from UV-light

Absorps moisture

Hemp is SUPER water absorbent – four times more than cotton, feels dry to the touch



Hemp is extremely durable and a long-lasting quality that softens with wach and time

Sleeping in a regular bedsheets can easily wear out after one day use. Hemp is a versatile, sustainable material that’s great for bedding. It’s breathable, durable, and moisture-wicking, as well as hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and odor-resistant.

Hemp cultivation requires minimal water and no pesticides, and so by choosing makuu™ hemp textiles, you’re not only choosing your personal comfort, but also promoting an environmental well-being.

In shipbuilding, hemp was the second most used material after wood. Throughout history and across various epochs, hemp was cultivated to provide materials for naval fleets. Hemp role in exploration and expansion across the globe cannot be overstated. 

Makuu Eco Solutions Oy

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About makuu™

Makuu™ is a Finnish company very first in the world, that offers eco-smart hemp textile solutions specially crafted for remote homes.

In February 2023, somewhere between snow-covered Finland and sunny blooming Greece the idea of makuu™ was born as the solution for sleepless nights. Makuu™ is the brand of two friends raised by Finnish nature. Growing up in Finland taught us to live minimalistic lifestyle and come along with only necessary things around. While traveling around Greece on a sailboat we returned to the traditions, where hemp was originally involved in the history of shipbuilding. A humid cold nights in the off-season change to hot, sleepless nights in the high season and make the off-grid living restless. This is how we have discovered that due to its unique qualities, the hemp textiles contribute to conditions which makes your journey more comfortable.

At makuu™ our mission is to improve every traveler experience at any type of home and we believe that Scandinavians know about quality life like no others – Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world for the 6th straight year now! We embrace the idea of Scandinavian slow quality living no matter where you are.

Makuu™ standards are lying on quality, not quantity. Our products are made to last, so you don’t need to worry about -simply- nothing.

"Dream big from a comfortable laying position"


We are currently processing tailor-made orders only, which you can request by contacting us via e-mail or via Get A Quote form below

At the moment we are receiving the transaction to our bank account by sending you an official invoice with VAT and all the payment details. At this stage we are developing the line of products that will be possible to order, pay and track shipment online on our website.

We are shipping worldwide using DHL, UPS and Finnish Posti. Tracking codes are available for these shipping options.

Yes, we are trusted officially registered Company in Finland. Our VAT number: 3413384-8.

Makuu™ is a Finnish brand and very first company that offers eco-smart textile solutions specially crafted for yachts, vans and other type of remote homes. It is dedicated to quality, sustainability, and style. Our products are thoughtfully designed, and we prioritize eco-friendly practices in every aspect of production.

Yes, hemp bedding is suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Hemp is naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin.

All chemicals and dyestuff we are using in our production is safe, ecological and certified.

Yes, hemp bedding is known for its comfort. It’s soft, breathable, and gets even cozier with each wash.
Caring for hemp bedding is easy. Quick machine wash in 40-60°C, and it gets softer over time. No need for fabric softeners. Also, when compared with other textiles, hemp has the ability to greatly ventilate the air. It can also ventilate odours, heat, and moisture.

Shrinkage depends on your exact washing conditions. Everytime it can be different, usually: Warp ~3-4%, weft ~1-2%.

Hemp, unlike marijuana, contains very low levels of THC (the psychoactive compound found in marijuana). Thus, in most regions, the use and transportation of hemp products, including hemp bedding and textiles, are typically legal and do not lead to legal complications.

Although strains of the same plant family, hemp and marijuana are very unlike. Both plants are cannabis, but scientifically their chemical properties, morphology and their uses by humans are completely different. One key difference is that hemp contains very little to no THC, whereas marijuana plants are grown in order for the THC to be very high.

Hemp, a strain of Cannabis Sativa, is a wonderfully diverse plant, known for its variety of uses throughout human history. Cultivated or grown mainly for either it’s stalk fibre or seeds for food, the leaves and roots also have many medicinal qualities. Cannabis strains must contain less than 0.3% THC to be classed as hemp. The hemp plant has a deep taproot, giving it the ability to grow in dry conditions.

Makuu™ Bed Linens are specially dedicated for Remote Homes such as boats, motorhomes and eco-hotels, but can also be enjoyed by anyone who wants to have a bed without uncomfortable creases.

Makuu™ Fitted Bed Sheets and Linens are made from 100% hemp.

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