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“Why We Chose Hemp: Green Revolution in the Textile Industry”

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are becoming increasingly pertinent, the choice of materials for clothing production is becoming a crucial factor for both brands and consumers. It is in this context that we will explore why we, the team at, have decided to prefer hemp, opting out of cotton and synthetic materials. Let’s delve into the world of the hemp textile revolution together and discover why falling in love with hemp is worth it.

Why We Preferred Hemp: When selecting materials for our products, we focused not only on quality and durability but also on the environmental aspects of production. Hemp became an obvious choice for us due to a range of benefits that we want to share with you.

Key Advantages of Hemp Fabric:

  1. Unique Properties: Hemp fabric boasts excellent ventilation properties, making it a perfect choice for humid and hot/cold conditions. It also possesses antibacterial properties, making it an ideal material for individuals with sensitive skin.
  2. Strength and Durability: Hemp fibers possess high strength, making hemp fabric an ideal choice for crafting long-lasting garments that will serve you for many years.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Hemp is one of the cleanest materials ecologically. In the production process of hemp fabric, significantly less water is used compared to cotton, making it more resilient to climate changes and reducing its negative impact on the environment.

Why You Should Fall in Love with Hemp: We are not against the use of cotton and other materials, but we simply fell in love with hemp and want to share this love with you. Hemp represents a new chapter in the textile industry, where respect for nature and high quality go hand in hand. Fall in love with hemp just like we did!

We believe that choosing hemp over cotton or synthetic materials is not only a fashionable trend but also a responsible decision for the environment. Let’s make this world greener together, one hemp fiber at a time!

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7 Apr 2024
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Makuu™ Bed Linens are specially dedicated for Remote Homes such as boats, motorhomes and eco-hotels, but can also be enjoyed by anyone who wants to have a bed without uncomfortable creases.

Makuu™ Fitted Bed Sheets and Linens are made from 100% hemp.

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